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Tamara Gray Official Website

The Silver Fang
Meet Tamara
Book 2: The Wolves Den


Welcome to my web site!

Tamara Gray has always been obsessed with vampires and werewolves. 


Starting at an early age until now Tamara has watched every movie ever made on the subject. Her motto is to embrace fear and face it head on, or just leap up basement stairs to get away from the imaginary creatures chasing her.  Either motto works!


In 2003, Tamara completed her first book The Silver Fang and is presently working on the second of the series The Wolves Den.  She likes her books fast paced and action packed and the Samantha Houston series is a non-stop thrill ride.

"A little nibble never hurt anyone" Sion Baptiste
Email: The Silver Fang - New Concept Publishing

There is a war raging among us, which side will you choose?

Creatures who go bump in the night, beware Samantha Houston bumps back!