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The Silver Fang

The Silver Fang
Meet Tamara
Book 2: The Wolves Den

"Hey I never said I was smart, just stubborn."  Samantha Houston

The Samantha Houston Series

Something isn’t quite right in New Orleans, as a bodyguard’s quest to protect a client makes her a target of both vampires and werewolves.  Stuck in the middle of a war between werewolves and vampires Samantha Houston finds herself fighting to stay alive. 

She struggles to accept the monsters that go bump in the night, and is helplessly swept into this nightmarish world by one sexy vampire, Siön Baptiste. 

Non-stop thrill ride!

When I read a book I like chills and thrills.  My books will definitely keep you guessing.  Around every corner Samantha faces a new challenge.  The first book is an introduction to our heroine Sam.  Oh and can't forget the hunk Siön Baptiste.  He makes the whole book!!
You won't be disapointed and that is a promise.

Creatures who go bump in the night, beware Samantha Houston bumps back!